Probably the most fun and edgy write up of Sydney food I’ve read since ever πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ glad you travelled outside of the city centre too!

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Wow! I wish I could travel with you!☺️

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LOL, thanks for thinking of me when you think of duck poo.

I first learnt about it (and tried it!) from Cathy Zhang, who runs Ms Cattea.


What I love about newsletters is that you will not read such a wide-ranging round-up of places in Sydney as this list ... I loved how truly diverse this list is and its feels-like-I'm-just-there descriptions, too. I've got the chai place bookmarked (and am ready for the spices to totally burn through my throat, LOL), but am also ready to do respectful battle with you on the Mamu vs Ho Jiak front (I think both places are great and do their own thing and I think Ho JIak is legitimately one of the delicious places in Sydney and don't get why it gets so much hate – I think it wrongly gets picked on for daring to charge not-rock-bottom prices and I think Asian restaurants should be allowed to be more than "cheap eats") and also I remember when a friend once said he came across better trains in third-world countries than Sydney trains, LOL.

Our trains physically might be OK, but they are slow and terrible and the fact it takes 2 trains and a 20-minute bus ride for me to get to, say, Flour Shop in Turramurra, s-u-c-k-s and in Tokyo, that would be a 15 minute train ride!

Anyway, I super enjoyed this and was also weirdly triggered by it at the same time. I think I'm just not used to anyone ever saying anything nice about Sydney trains, ever. Also, I'm glad you had a good Sydney trip and look forward to your Tokyo takes!

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woah, this article brings my mindset of Sydney to a different perspective.

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