You sound like my mother – utterly incredulous that I flew across the sea to watch TV and lie on a couch in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. But I'm glad the feeling found you in a kitchen in Fukuoka, kneading shokupan.

1. Please let me know if you've come across a shokupan recipe/technique you enjoy

2. I have 10 mini shokupan cubes on the way (Aliexpress, don't do me wrong)

3. Yes, you can say 'we' feel, that as we get older, we no longer require validation to do what we feel is essential to feeling alive

4. I'm so glad you write, I'm so glad for your style of writing, and like those before me (in the comments), I am a fan of your writing


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Just gonna reiterate what Luisa Brimble and say I also am a fan of how you write (and also photograph)!

Also, LOL, I didn't even realise that you just responded with an emoji?? I think you did respond with more elaborate sentences after that.

And that bedroom-leaking nightmare, argh! I'm glad I could offer a welcome distraction while you were dealing with that nightmare.

Anyway, I LOVED your photo essay, the impressive amount of effort you put into it (above and beyond truly) and I LOVE that Diem is also in the issue and that she also introduced me more thoroughly to your work and newsletter through that Q&A from around a year ago. Happy we all got to collaborate on this Lunar New Year issue and that there was an excellent chance to shine the spotlight on the ace work you both do.

And LOL, that is also MEGA MEGA kind of you to assign wizard-status to me, but I'm just one lowly freelancer searching out for a working wand that might add a little magic to people's careers if I get the chance! Thank you again for your great kindness and also for the excellent work you do – I'm a fan of your newsletter and photography and look forward to what you snap and scribble next. Let us know if you ever set up a mail-order shokupan store.

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And I love the way you keep commenting to say you love the way I write. 😂

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I'll just keep commenting to say I love the way you write!

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