Hi there.

I’m a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2020 I self-published a cookbook that sold over 1000 copies around the world. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Subtle Asian Cooking Facebook group, which launched into this newsletter and a recent contribution to the New York Times.

My CV.

My pitch to you to subscribe to my writing:

  1. A recipe every month. Some hack, shortcut, most likely translated from my childhood, a Japanese cooking magazine, a Chinese website.

  2. The usual ramblings culminated from my 80s Asian upbringing, the migrant story with a generous pinch of marriage to an iron lady from Fukuoka.

  3. Restaurant reviews, travel stories, interviews/catch-up with a chef, writer, friend within the industry, all that.

Thanks for reading.
Stay safe, eat well.


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